About Me

Hello! I'm Tivon Steffes, a passionate aspiring software developer with a strong background in computer science. Raised on a farm in Indiana and educated at Burris Laboratory School from kindergarten to 11th grade, I discovered my love for computer science during while taking my first programming class in 10th grade. Ever since then, I have been driven by a deep fascination with the limitless possibilities of programming.

My family later relocated to Pennsylvania, where I completed my high school education at North Pocono High School. Eager to further expand my knowledge and skills, I embarked on an exciting journey at Susquehanna University in the fall of 2019. Over the course of four years, I dedicated myself to pursuing a degree in computer science, which ultimately led to my graduation with Summa Cum Laude honors, earning the top GPA in my major.

Work Experience

Enterprise Technical Support Intern at Diligent

I worked at Diligent during the summer of 2022. My main responsibility was conducting functional testing on their Oracle HR system dev server to ensure that the team's software me the given requirements. I tested absence leave accrual, carry over, expenditure, etc. for several different states and countries as they all had different requrements. In doing so I created test cases, tested them, and documented the results. This position is one of the main reasons I am so conscious of potential edge cases when I write code.

Sustainability Project Leader at Susquehanna University

I was a student employee of the Susquehanna Office of Sustainability from the fall of 2020 to the spring of 2023. From the beginning until winter of 2021, I was the in charge of the Terracycle program on campus.

As the leader of the Terracycle program, I led a group of students to collect Terracycle from across campus, sort it, and then mail it to the Terracycle company for recycling. I was also in charge of creating marketing materials and organizing events to spread awareness about the program. I stepped down as the leader before I spent a semester in Spain in the spring of 2022.

When I returned from Spain, I continued serving in the office with a less specific role. I assisted with planning and staffing events, helped work at the campus garden, and was part of a office initiative to bring electric vehicle chargers to campus with funding from the Student Government Association.

Resident Assistant at Susquehanna University

Starting from in the spring of 2021, I served as a resident assistant (RA) at Susquehanna University until I graduated. My main duties were as follows: conflict resolution between residents, rounds within my complex when on duty, planning events to help foster a community, being a resource for residents when they needed advice or had questions, and other responsibilites.

Cashier at ShopRite

I worked at ShopRite in Daleville PA starting in the summer of 2019. I was primarily a cashier, but I would often be tasked with assisting in other departments such as produce, grocery, frozen, and cafe. At ShopRite I was known for my excellent work ethic and strong attention to detail. I continued to work there during winter and summer breaks through the end of summer in 2021.